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Tea Party Favors

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  1. It can be easy to overspend on favors simply out of generosity toward your guests but it's important to avoid this by setting a budget and thinking of value ways to save money. For example, you might buy packages or tins of things and divide them into smaller amounts using your own materials, to help make things go further. Obviously, the number of guests will also direct how much you can splurge on favors for them.
  2. Make a small teabag pack. Tea is an ideal thing to give for a tea party favor and it's easy to make pretty little teabag packs. Here are some suggestions:
    • Purchase plain teapot shaped teabag holders. These are quite cheap in kitchenware stores and the like. Add a teabag or two of your favorite flavor (or choose interesting flavors or choose according to the color of the teabag cover) to the top of the teabag holder. Wrap in clear cellophane and finish off with a ribbon.
    • Place a teapot shaped teabag holder onto a single cup tray. Place a teabag on top. Wrap flat with clear cellophane and finish with a ribbon.
  3. Make a teacup favor. Purchase a pretty teacup or mug.Image titled Make Tea Party Favors Step 2 If you're having just a small group of very special friends over, splurge on a nice bone china cup or mug but if you're having a lot of people over, choose plain and cheery cheap versions or go eclectic and purchase used ones from the charity store that are still in excellent condition. Then, try one of these ideas:
    • Place a few interesting teabags inside the cup and wrap with cellophane. Tie together with a ribbon.
    • Make the same thing but add a teaspoon.
    • Grow a plant in a teacup and saucer. Choose fast growing items like cress or grass or buy miniature plants and add to the cup.
  4. Make tea test tubes. Purchase jars that look like test tubes with cork stoppers in the top. Make a set of three and fill each one with a different loose leaf tea. Label each one and wrap in clear cellophane. Complete by adding a bow or ribbon.
  5. Image titled Make Tea Party Favors Step 3 Find miniature teapots. Choose between cute little sets like the one shown here or single, slightly larger ones. If they're large enough, fill each one with a teabag, then wrap in clear cellophane. Finish with a ribbon. Be aware that some of the miniature teapots can be very expensive, so watch the price!
  6. Make teapot crafts. If you're handy with crafts, there are lots of lovely things you can make, such as:
    • Sew a small teabag holder pouch that can be toted anywhere. Look for fabrics with teapot designs on the fabric.
    • Make felt teacups.
    • Knit a mug warming holder.
    • Make pincushion teacups.
    • Make candles in a teacup.
  7. Make cookies to put into favor bags. Make designs such as teapots, cups and teabags. Decorate with pretty designs and place into small clear cellophane bags and tie with ribbons.
    • If you enjoy cooking jam, little jars of jam make another nice food gift for tea party favors.Image titled Make Tea Party Favors Step 4 If you add the jam to a box with teabags and a couple of cellophane wrapped scones, all the guest needs to do is make a cup of tea and they'll have an instant afternoon tea! Bake the scones fresh on the day of giving away this favor and only wrap in cellophane after they have cooled down properly.
  8. Look for little teapot and teacup items. Things such as charms, jewelry, figurines and small teapot sets can all be turned into little favors. Add to little bags or boxes and finish with a bow.
    • Look for teapot, teabag and teacup items already packaged in pretty arrangements that will work as tea party favors in their own right.
  9. Make pretty decorative boxes. Line with wax paper or parchment paper and fill with loose tea. Choose loose tea with pretty additions such as petals, etc. Tie together with ribbon and a bow.
  10. 10

    Add a gift tag or label for each tea party favor you've made. Gift tags shaped like teabags can look really cute.


  • If you have the time, make a little recipe book filled with your favorite tea, cake and scone recipes. Print off in small font, and tie together with a little ribbon.
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