Healthy Recipes Using Matcha

Green tea powder Recipes

These cupcakes with matcha cream cheese frosting are delicious, naturally. The downside? They're so adorable, you're going to feel bad eating them.

6. Matcha Mint Iced Tea

Mix up a refreshing and vibrant afternoon pick-me-up with this emerald-hued matcha mint tea.

7. Matcha Pound Cake

This lightly sweet matcha pound cake is a sophisticated treat, perfect for when you need to impress someone — your boyfriend's mom, for instance.

8. Green Tea Cupcakes with Red Adzuki Bean Frosting

Combining a green tea cupcake with red bean frosting is a perfect way to bring together two wonderful Japanese flavors in one incredible baked good.

9. Chocolate Matcha Energy Balls

You have to be at work early, you want to stay out late. To make it happen, you're going to need some energy. Luckily, you can now get energy in ball form and it tastes like matcha and chocolate.

10. Chocolate Chip Matcha Pound Cake

Pound cake can be boring. Yes, even chocolate chip pound cake. But add some matcha and you've got the lovely, fragrant pound cake you've always dreamed of.

11. Green Tea Sprinkles

If you thought sprinkles only came in two flavors — chocolate and rainbow — think again. First of all, rainbow's not a flavor. Second of all, these green tea sprinkles are about to blow apart your notions of what a sprinkle can taste like.

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