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Raspberry leaf tea for labor

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can raspberryleaf tea help bring on labour, at the end of pregnancy, or is it just to help with an easier birth

They say it helps to induce labor but I havent read that it works all that well..

I have heard wonderful things about the tea, and did a lot of research. I am 37 weeks pregnant and not even close my doctor says so I started drinking the tea today. I'll keep u posted!

- December 1

From the studies I've read all it does is ease the labor. It helps with cramps and even helps the uterus. But from the studies they didn't say it helps bring on labor. In fact it said it helps prevent miscarrages. So why would it bring on labor if its trying to stop from bringing early labor?

oh well i will keep drinking it anyway, and hope it helps with an easier birth, (fingers crossed)

I understand that you should only drink the tea from 32 weeks and can help the uterus with contractions. I started drinking the tea with my second pregnancy at 37 weeks and found it really helped in delivering my daughter. I plan to start drinking the tea again with my 3rd pregnancy at 32 weeks.

i drank raspberry leaf tea during each of my four pregnancies and it seemed to help my labour to move along quickly and smoothly, helping my uterus to contract well, labour with my 4th baby lasted 29 minutes with hardly any pain and no pushing, i'll be using it again at the end of this pregnancy too!!

Raspberry Leaf: can be used abundantly throughout pregnancy, especially the last trimester. It contains the active alkaloid fragrine, which has a special influence on the pelvic region and the uterus. It strengthens and tones the reproductive organs helping prevent morning sickness, miscarriage, and hemorrhage. It can help reduce pain during labor and after birth and prepare the uterus to work more effectively. Rich in vitamin C, E, and iron.

Wondering if I will still have a bloody show when OB told me 2 weeks ago that I was 2cm dilated and 80% thinned. Can anyone tell me?

Yes. I took it with my 9th child. From having my first cuppa I went into labour 20 minutes later.and delivered within 10 minutes. I felt no pain and think it was the most delicious drink.yummy!

well im due this saturday and have been drinking it for the past 2 weeks, to no avail. will keep you posted

how can i induce labour

- January 27

started drinking tea yesterday, hope it works fed up now!!

Have just finished my third box of Raspberry leaf tea, which I was told can be drunk from wk 35 at 3 cups a day. Starting to have really bad crampy pains which I believe may the start of labour so if the tea does help, I pity those who haven't used it!

PS I'm also overdue - 41 wks

- January 31

Kashi's info is correct. It does not induce labour, it just tones the uterus to prepare for childbirth. Should be drank from 35 wks on, you can also drink it after delivering to help the uterus contractr ti its original size.

i dont like hot tea but i drink alot of liptons rasberry ice tea. bcaus youcan get it at taco bell and i like taco bell !!! lol

Source: www.pregnancy-info.net
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