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Lavender and Lace Tea Room

Once upon a time three grown women had lunch at a tea room in Lake Alfred, Florida, and LOVED it. They would go on to spread the word of the treasure they had found throughout the lands, and return many times. The End.

Silly Adults Tea Rooms Aren't Just for Kids.

Whoever said tea parties are only for children has not been to Lavender N’ Lace Tearoom in Lake Alfred, Florida. Luckily, we have, and we are more than happy to set the record straight.

This hidden treasure is tucked away on the outskirts of Lake Alfred, giving guests a breath of fresh air and sense of being away from it all. The walk to the tearoom is peaceful and surrounded by lush plant life and a lovely pond. When you step through the front door, it is evident that the tearoom’s name is a direct reflection of its décor; tablescapes contained no shortage of lavender, lace, and beautiful mismatched china. It wasn’t too frilly, just pretty.

For your first trip to Lavender n’ Lace, gather a group of girlfriends (young and old) and make it a girls lunch out. Dine along lovely walls of windows overlooking a pool and citrus grove.

Options included soups, salads, sandwiches, entrees, desserts and of course, hot or iced gourmet teas. The entrees were lavish, and the desserts were decadent, which means you can’t go wrong at Lavender N' Lace, regardless of your age or gender.

The Meal

Trying new things and opt for a savory sweet tea, and the daily special. We love their garlic tomato chicken teriyaki platter that comes with a small salad and slice of watermelon. Others favorites include Cottage Pie, Quiche of the Day, Crepe Cozumel, Glazed Asian Chicken Salad and the Ultimo Roast Beef Panini. Everyone will be raving about their meals, but save room for dessert.

The Sweetest Thing

If you have a sweet tooth, your server will return to your table with a large tray full of heavenly treats such as the mango cheesecake, peanut butter pie and hummingbird cake, and they don’t disappoint! We know this because we've tried them all.

Insider Tip: If everyone orders a different dessert (and you are close friends), you get to taste multiple desserts.

Good Food is Universal

The rooms have pink walls, antique china collections and feminine frills, but we're certain that even the manliest of your guy friends would enjoy lunch at Lavender N’ Lace.

Shop it Off

You can walk off your meal with a stroll through the garden or the gift shop, which is located in a separate building beyond the outdoor patio. Of course it offers lavender, lace and tea items as the name suggests, but it also houses gifts ranging from jewelry and scarves to candles and stationery.

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