The Four Seasons Tea Room

Four Seasons Tea Room

Dear God, please
lead me into Comfort’s Ways.
Let me bring you the cup
of who I am,
which you find special
Help me open to your Grace
as I sit awhile,
comfortable enough to say,
“I put my feet up now,
and set my worries down -
into your hands today.”

Let me remember,
in these moments of
much-needed ease,
the many ways you’ve tended me,
and filled my cup
with the splendid blessings
you so constantly
send my way.

Help me merge with you,
as I steep my tea
and center myself –
to receive your Love-filled Light.
And when that sip of warmth
spreads through me,
let it heal all the places in my spirit
that were in need.

As I feel that healing Light,
as I surrender to you
my worry and my pain -
cleanse my heart
and comfort my emotions,
so I may regain my sacred balance -
in the centerpoint
and steadfast warmth
of your fine Love.

And as this gentle teatime
renews the all of me,
let me lift my teacup,
and my prayers,
into the wings of your
higher Vibration,
so I may let your radiant energy
imbue my every thought
with Vision, with Wisdom,
and with the Guidance
of your luminous Insight.

I promise, dear God, to honor
the rich servings of blessings
and inspirations
you so generously
bring to me – by using them
in my life today.
And I promise
to come back to you often –
so you may see me smiling
when I hear the clink of fine china,
or nodding
when I see a teacup on a shelf –
knowing that this day
and this prayer
are not mine alone,
but shared with You.

Thank you, God,
for this teatime,
and for the gift of Love
you ever bring my way.
I go forth now,
with you in my Heart,

Four Seasons Hotel Habour view room
Four Seasons Hotel Habour view room
Four Seasons Samui afternoon tea-Bangkok Airways 之蘇梅
Four Seasons Samui afternoon tea-Bangkok Airways 之蘇梅 ...
Four Seasons Hampshire, Grand Manor Room (1207)
Four Seasons Hampshire, Grand Manor Room (1207)
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